ENTERTAINERS (Magicians/Balloon Artists): Many people do the things I do, but few do it to the level that I do.
(405) 354-2453
ENTERTAINERS (Magicians/Balloon Artists): Many people do the things I do, but few do it to the level that I do.
(405) 354-2453

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s About Oklahoma Magic Performances

When should I schedule my upcoming entertainment from Oklahoma Magic?
The sooner the better! Call today and get your show booked and peace of mind knowing that you have your event scheduled with Oklahoma’s most versatile entertainer.

Will the audience get to participate in the event?
Yes, they will and if you would like someone special included, we would love to make them a part of the show.

How long can we expect the performance to last?
Banquet or standup acts last 30-45 minutes depending on the needs of the client…
Close-up magic (walk-around / strolling magic) is available by the hour.
Balloon art (great for both adults and kids) is available by the hour.

How do I know which show is right for me?
The great thing about our style of entertainment is that we can design a show tailor-made for your needs. Call now to discuss your entertainment needs.

How much will this cost me?
Our shows are created to fit your time and needs. We would love for you to call today and discuss your event and determine the cost.

What do I need to do to get ready for the event?
Not much work at all! For a banquet act, usually, a small stage (if one is available) placed next to or close to a wall or corner of the room. I have a sound system for a small group, usually, in large rooms, there is a sound system available for me to plug in my microphone. No podium or table is needed.

Do we do private or birthday parties?
We really enjoy doing parties in the home. All the home parties run 45 minutes to an hour.
1) Our BASIC birthday has a show and each child gets a balloon hat.
2) Then, we go to the ADVANCED SHOW where we supervise the opening of the gifts along with the entertainment and balloon hats. ( this enables the parents to sit back and enjoy the event.)
3) Then we have the Ultimate Magic party which has the entertainment and balloons BUT the birthday child (6 yrs and up) produces and vanishes a dove! (this one all the kids talk about)
4) No, we have not forgotten the adults… You know we are all kids at heart. Call for more details.